Sunnymeath Asset Management, Inc. was founded in 1996 by James P. O'Mealia, an analyst and portfolio manager with over 30 years of investment experience analyzing and managing equity and fixed income securities. Our firm provides individualized equity, balanced and fixed income account management which capitalizes on market opportunities in a variety of asset classes and sectors. As a boutique investment firm, we are able to leverage our extensive experience, while providing the highest level of service to our individual and institutional investors.

On April 1, 2017, Sunnymeath Asset Management Inc. was acquired by Granite Springs Asset Management. The combined firm holds over $300mm in assets under management and now offers a diverse set of fixed income and equity strategies that will serve each client well. 

Our Goals

  • To provide clients superior risk adjusted returns over a complete market cycle.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.

James P. O'Mealia founded Sunnymeath Asset Management on May 1, 1996. The firm was initially founded as a means of investing money for friends and family. Over the years, as a result of strong performance and word of mouth, assets grew and additional products were added. In 1998, Sunnymeath began managing a long-biased concentrated value portfolio for taxable and tax exempt individuals and institutions.  In September 2003, Mr. O'Mealia left Fox Asset, where he was Vice CIO, to focus his efforts solely on developing Sunnymeath into a premiere asset manager, whose eclectic value style has long-term investment appeal. In 2004, Sunnymeath added an equity-income oriented portfolio to its roster and began offering separately managed accounts for select clients. Finally, in early 2009 Sunnymeath added an income portfolio for high net worth investors.

Sunnymeath has a long history of generating competitive long-term performance because of our disciplined investment process. We do not outsource our due diligence. We focus our efforts on equity and fixed income investing and on identifying superior risk adjusted opportunities.

Our intimate approach is evident in our company name. Our founder James P. O'Mealia grew up on a horse farm in New Jersey named Sunnymeath which was coined by his father.

"Sunny" was chosen to represent warmth, growth and prosperity.

"Meath" was chosen to honor his family's Irish ancestry--with Meath being a county in Ireland north-west of Dublin.


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