Granite Springs is excited to announce the launch of the Granite Automated Investment Service, or GAISER. GAISER is the final piece of the puzzle in Granite Springs' mission to provide a solution for all investors. With only a $10,000 minimum investment requirement, low fees, and several asset allocation models to choose from, GAISER is a great place to begin your journey with Granite Springs. Learn More

We'll grow with you.

When your assets grow and your financial situation gets complicated, you have the option to seamlessly transition from GAISER to a full-service wealth management account. You will have access to more sophisticated, tax-efficient investments like municipal bonds, individual stocks, and actively managed funds. 

You will also have access to a dedicated Financial Advisor who will create and manage a personalized financial plan for you and your family. We will assist with retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning, college planning and more.

No need to change firms. No need to even change account numbers. You will work with the same team you have been working with since the beginning.

At granite springs, you have options.

Granite Automated Investment Service (GAISER)

For investors who are interested in an automated advisory program containing a diversified mix of low-cost Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

$10,000 minimum

Private Wealth Management

For investors who need a more customized portfolio, and personalized financial planning services provided by our team of dedicated, experienced Financial Advisors

$250,000 minimum

Accredited Investors

For high net worth investors who may want access to alternative investments such as limited partnerships, in addition to the services provided through our Private Wealth Management platform.

$1M Net Worth and $200k annual income ($300k joint)